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Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. Since starting my research I have learned a huge amount about my ancestry and those connected to it and know that there is much, more to learn about the people, where they lived and what their lives were like - and I have quite a few more ancestors to find too!
I have lived in Wiltshire since I was twelve but spent a very happy childhood in Lincolnshire first in Grantham and then North Hykeham in the days when children could wander off for the day, armed with a jam sandwich and a bottle of pop
I started to research my family after my grandmothers 100th birthday party and many questions from my grand daughter about past family members - questions which I could not answer and about which she is no longer interested!.

My research includes my mothers' family from Lincolnshire (she was the first to leave the County) and my fathers family - briefly in Essex and Northamptonshire but originally from Cambridgeshire.

I also research Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire rare names and gentry. My mothers family includes several gateway ancestors and so there are links to the Royal Families of England, Scotland and France too. I think my favourite is John of Gaunt.

I am a member of the Society of Genealogists and of a number of County Family History Societies. I research online, at various records offices and use records such as Fiche, Books and CD's which I have I purchased. Lincolnshire Family History Society is wonderful - worth far more than than the £10 per annum membership. They loan fiche to members and happily help non members too.

My database published on rootsweb is updated regularly and contains at present approximately 180,000 individuals, 42,000 marriages and over 10,800 different surnames. I firmly believe in sharing research and over the years many people have contacted me if they link to my family and so their family members feature too. If you have anything to add, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Contact details and a link to purchase my database on page 3.

I am human and occassionally an error will slip in. Please tell me if you spot anything wrong

Jacky Clark

Click here to go direct to my database - then use the index to explore my Lincolnshire and Fenland Families on Rootsweb.

Louie Willsons' 100th Birthday 2000

Brothers Chris & Rob, Sisters Jill and Jan

Sep 2007 Jacky,Kevin, Gill, Eddie, Jan, Brian and Mum